Teatv Old Version – Download All Version of Teatv

We have Already Know That Teatv is a Best Movie and tv streaming app for entertainment. Now we discuss on Teatv Old Version. Latest Version is always best but sometimes there are many bugs on updated version, if you like to use old version again – you missed old version.

We have uploaded tea tv all recent versions on our server. You can download Teatv all versions from here.

How to Download Teatv Old Version?

if you are interested to download old version of teatv app, you can easily direct downlaod from our server. We provide single one click download link to download the app. Just click on the app and download your version.


Teatv Old Version Changelog

TeaTV – Version: 10.0.0r

  • Add more link providers.
  • Fix link not ready.
  • Fix bugs and optimize.

TeaTV – Version: 9.9.6r

  • Fix download feature. You will need to turn off battery optimization for TeaTV for stable download.
  • Fix collection in discover.

TeaTV – Version: 9.9.5r

  • Add 5 new link providers.
  • Fix bugs.

TeaTV – Version: 9.9.4r

  • Fix HD Releases section.
  • Fix crash bug.

TeaTV – Version: 9.9.3r

  • Fix collection in discover not loading.
  • Fix auto update in Android 10.

TeaTV – Version: 9.9r

  • Add lite mode on condition TMDB down.
  • Fix bugs.

TeaTV – Version: 9.8r

  • Add 10 new link providers.
  • Add ability to choose watchlist as default screen.
  • Fix bugs and optimize focus on TV.

TeaTV – Version: 9.7r

  • Add movie release status.
  • Fix link providers.
  • Fix bugs.

TeaTV – Version: 9.6r

  • Add premiumize support.
  • Add actor and actress photo in TV interface.
  • Add search movie by actor and actress.
  • Fix some link providers.

TeaTV – Version: 9.5r

  • Fix black gap on TV.
  • Fix openload link.
  • Add some link providers.
  • Fix subscene.
  • Fix privacy screen on TV.

TeaTV – Version: 9.4r

  • Change UI for TV.
  • Add 3 Google Video providers.
  • Add episode list in internal player.
  • Fix link for some specific movies.

TeaTV – Version: 9.3r

  • Add 15 new link providers.
  • Fix crash on some devices.
  • Tweak Android TV UI.

TeaTV – Version: 9.2r

  • Fix subtitle view for Arabic and other languages.
  • Fix bug cant play on some devices.
  • Fix crash on some devices.

TeaTV – Version: 9.1r

  • Fix download subtitle from opensubtitles.
  • Fix no space bug for subtitle.
  • Fix crash bug on Amazon Fire TV.

TeaTV – Version: 9.0r

  • Fix crash bug on Android 4.4 device.
  • Improve get link time.
  • Add clock on player.
  • Fix bug when downloading movie on Android 9 device.

TeaTV – Version: 8.9r

  • Add option to hide poster, name and year.
  • Fix player not fullscreen on phone.
  • Improve subtitle look.

TeaTV – Version: 8.8r

  • Add option to start over/resume
  • Reduce fullscreen ads
  • Fix some link providers

TeaTV – Version: 8.7r

  • Add Google Video link providers.
  • Rework Trakt login on Android TV.
  • Add option to hide unaired season, episode.
  • Fix eye icon not sync with Trakt (for movie).

TeaTV – Version: 8.6r

  • Add option to show only RD links.
  • Add tons of RD links.
  • Sort stream links by size.
  • Add option to choose secondary subtitle language.
  • Fix poster on movie detail.
  • Fix subtitle download failed on Amazon Firestick.